Sponsoring or Supporting Local Scholarships Programs

    Temporarily postponed until further notice. Once the scholarship program resumes, such will be communicated.

    The NEOACFE has an annual Scholarship Program whereby it selects number of local colleges and universities each year to receive a sizable scholarship to be awarded deserving students pursuing an anti-fraud career.

    Basic Criteria that may be taken into consideration upon establishing the terms, conditions, and other such criteria for the scholarship program each academic year may be the following:

    Scholarships Might be Granted to:

    • Attend specific college programs or courses.

    • Attend ACFE seminars, symposiums, and conferences.

    • Attend Chapter training seminars.

    • Study for the CFE examination.

    • Conduct fraud-related research.

    To Increase the Scholarship Fund the Chapter may:

    • Allocate a specific amount from the Chapter’s General Fund.

    • Solicit donations from employers, Chapter members,

    • Solicit corporate sponsorship with local businesses or corporations

    • Establish an annuity.

    • On a Chapter membership application and billing, request an optional contribution to the stated scholarship fund in increments of $5, $10, $20, or more.

    • Contribute the proceeds, or a portion, from a Chapter-sponsored seminar.

    Scholarships Could be Named in Honor of:

    • The Chapter.

    • A past Chapter leader.

    • A popular or respected Chapter member or Officer who is now deceased.

    • A combination of Chapter name, member, corporate sponsor, etc.

    It is encouraged that the scholarship offices at the local university or community college be contacted for further details or arrangements. Their scholarship coordinator can provide information about how to set up a scholarship fund. They can provide ideas for scholarship criteria, and applications for funding the scholarship, and applications for receiving the scholarship.

    Common Criteria the Chapter May Consider in Developing a Scholarship are:

    • City or state residency.

    • Cumulative grade point average (i.e. 3.0 minimum recommended).

    • Major concentration of studies, such as accounting, law, criminal justice.

    • Financial needs.

    • Full time or part time attendance status.

    • Class level (graduate, undergraduate, or a specific course).

    • Renewable scholarship or a one-time scholarship.

    • Leadership and activities on or off campus.

    • Active membership in a particular club or organization.

    • Completion of a specific number of credit hours per academic semester (12 hours recommended)

    • Recommendation letters.

    • Relationship to a chapter member.

    • Past or current employment in a field related to fraud examination.

    The chapter membership shall be made aware of the scholarship fund by publishing the information in the Chapter newsletter. Honored recipients shall be mentioned in a future newsletter after such scholarship has been awarded.