BCI Crisis Management Fraud & Law Series - Session #3

    June 01, 2021
    12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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    BCI Crisis Management Fraud & Law Series - Session #3

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    Session #3 June 1st ~12pm – 3pm EST

     BCI Crisis Management Fraud & Law Series - Session #3

    3 Hours CPE

    1. Cindy Kuhr          

    (Title:  Secondary Trauma, Critical Incident Stress, Resilience: COVID Times)

    1. Jim Crider – Crisis Mgt Strategies

    (A View from Inside the Surge: No Plan B)

    1. Todd Weitzel  - Supervisory Special Agent, IRS Criminal Investigation - Cincinnati

    (IRS Scams)

    Cindy Kuhr – BCI Victim Specialist, Office of Ohio Attorney General ~ Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.  Co-Founder, Ohio Crisis Response Team

    Title:  Secondary Trauma, Critical Incident Stress, Resilience: COVID Times

    Description: Working in the Criminal Justice Field can be rewarding.  It can also create Secondary Trauma reactions.  Exposure to criminal cases of those working these cases may take on trauma or stress reactions that can be impacting.  Understanding the process of trauma reactions are as significant to recognize as are the investigative skills that you develop to work them.  We will discuss this process and how to recognize, prevent, debrief and practice resilience.  We will discuss one more added ingredient: COVID Times.

    Cindy Kuhr has worked in the Criminal Justice Field for approximately 30 years.  She currently serves as the Victim Specialist at BCI working Major Crimes.  In her career she has served as a Child Abuse Investigator, Investigations with the MUI (Major Unusual Incident Division) with the Department of Developmental Disabilities and in a Forensic Unit that assisted in the identification of deceased individuals.  She provides training on multiple topics to those working in the Criminal Justice System.

    She is also Co-Founder of the Ohio Crisis Response Team and has responded to multiple critical incidents such as the Oregon District Shootings in Ohio. She has also responded to such National events as the September 11 Terrorist Attacks.  She serves as a SME on multiple topics to assist in curriculum development. She has developed unique training initiatives addressing Vicarious and Secondary Trauma.                    Jim Crider, City of Carmel, Indiana - Director of Administration

    Title: A View from Inside the Surge: No Plan B

    Description:  This is an incredible example of how basic “humane crisis management” can turn the tide in a devastating situation.  Jim Crider takes us inside THE SURGE documentary and shows how the goal of meeting the mission may depend on a different approach.  He discusses how the US military utilized a “different way of thinking” to meet the mission in Iraq which allowed them to change the plan from a failure to a success.  Jim discusses the mission in Iraq and the strategy that turned the tables on the enemy. Primarily, how focusing on relationships and building alliances served the mission. 

    Jim Crider is a native of Kentucky and graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1988 where he was commissioned as a 2LT of infantry in the US Army. Over the course of a 29 year career, he served in multiple units and commanded soldiers from the platoon to the brigade level. Jim deployed to Iraq three times to include the period of the war known as The Surge in 2007-08. He also deployed to Afghanistan.

    Following his retirement from the Army in 2017, he accepted his current position with the City of Carmel, Indiana as the Director of Administration.                               

    Todd Weitzel – Supervisory Special Agent, IRS Criminal Investigation - Cincinnati

    Title:  IRS Scams

    Todd Weitzel is a Supervisory Special Agent with IRS Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI), in the Cincinnati Field Office, Independence Post of Duty. Mr. Weitzel oversees a group of agents and professional staff that investigate a variety of financial related crimes to include: tax fraud, identity theft, money laundering, drugs and terrorism. 

    Mr. Weitzel began his employment as an auditor with Deloitte in Columbus, Ohio. He became a Special Agent in 2005. In addition to investigative responsibilities, he has served as the field office Corporate Fraud Coordinator, Use of Force Instructor, On-the-Job Instructor, Public Information Officer / Recruitment Coordinator, and as an agency liaison to the Ohio Casino Control Commission and the US Attorney’s Office. Mr. Weitzel has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Accounting from The Ohio State University and is a Certified Public Accountant in Ohio. 


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